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Digital signage solutions Singapore - make your sign boards worthwhile

Digital signage solutions Singapore – make your sign boards worthwhile

Displays are the first factor that one looks for while purchasing electronics. Most LCD and LED technologies are operated for displaying images. Display signage can be used in many ways. You find them almost everywhere. They are spread all over the buildings in most cities. Display signages are a boon to advertisements. They have made advertisements more approachable to the citizens. However, advertising isn’t the only function of digital signs. digital signage solution singapore provide us with signs that help us in various ways in our day-to-day lives.

History and evolution of signage:

Fore runners of electronic signage are, as expected, it is paper media. Usage of posters, pamphlets, banners, flexes, and numerous other print media were put to use for display signs. However, with the rise in digital signage, electronic display signs made their debut in the market. The evolution did not happen overnight. Before LED and LCD screen displays, the electronic paper was harnessed to showcase texts and images without the usage of electric current. Today, the world has come way forward to the use of software for sign boards in the 21st century. The use of display software has helped us relay important information to large masses of the public.

digital signage solution singapore

Roles and applications of digital signage:

The digital wall screens can perform various functions. They are used for different purposes by different organizations. Here are a few of the applications:

  • Advertising
  • Public announcements
  • Customer services
  • Product information
  • Place information
  • Navigation

Places where digital signage is present:

  1. Public transport:

digital signs are used near public transportations to deliver information about timings and upcoming vehicles. Places like subway stations, bus stations, railways, etc, use digital signs to display maps, routes of different numbered transport, timings, etc.

  1. Restaurants:

Digital signs are used in restaurants to promote themselves. They also use them to display menus with images and discounts they are offering to attract more customers.

  1. Cinema theatres:

They are used in theatres to play advertisements that sponsor them and to display a timer or countdown until the movie starts or ends.

  1. Public places:

Generally, the government accustoms to digital walls to inform the public about news, weather reports, emergency alerts, etc. however, few are also used to promote entertainment media. It can also be utilized to display stock market values.


One can never talk about the necessity and beauty of digital wall screens without mentioning NYC’s time square. New York city’s time square is famous for its grand display screens on tall buildings. This shows how beautiful yet handy digital signage can be.