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Best Guide for Choosing a T-shirt

When it comes to choosing a t-shirt, there are two criteria to look into from the get-go. These are the cut and the type of shirt. When it comes to the cut, you may choose between a slim fit to appear stylish and a straight cut which is intended to provide comfort. The slim fit style is intended for the slender body while the straight cut is meant for those who are on the stout side or those who are simply comfortable wearing a straight cut shirt.

As for the type of shirt, there are many varying categories. However, in general, they can be categorized into casual and professional.

Professional Wear

When used in a professional setting, the classic shirt is recommended due to its straight cut design and ease of ironing. They often come in plain fabrics and subtle colors too, making them timeless and elegant. With such shirts, you can’t risk yourself committing a fashion blunder.


Casual Wear

This is often worn in a more fashionable context, where you can have a greater degree of expressing your fantasies. You may always wear slim fits with original motifs and more radiant colors. To be different, you can choose Japanese T-shirts with more flashy details.

Some basic rules to follow on shirt colors

Nothing can go wrong when you wear a white shirt. A colorful shirt goes well with a dark suit or coat, but the dark shirt won’t blend with a light-colored coat or blazer. When you wear a dark suit, make sure to go tone-on-tone, This means a black shirt must go with a black suit. If you are wearing a tie, make sure to use one in the same hue. When you have a light-colored jacket or suit, wear a light shirt too. A beige suit will match a pale pink tie. For a suit that comes with patterns such as stripes or Prince of Wales check, always go with a solid-colored shirt.

Look into the fabric

There are various fabric blends when it comes to Japanese t-shirts. However, the gold standard when it comes to t-shirts is 100 percent cotton, primarily because it is strong, soft, and breathable. You have to remember though that a 50/50 polyester-cotton blend is less likely to shrink when washed and it can easily shake off the wrinkles. The downside of this is that it may pill more easily and make you sweat more.

The best choice is always a cotton shirt with 100 percent combed cotton. Just pick one that has a pre-shrunk option.

Lastly, you have to choose between a crew neck and a V neck. V-neck shirts are best for fit men while the crew necks look great on men who are more slender since they do not expose much of the neck.