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Choose a Plastic Recycling Company Singapore for Greener Singapore

Plastic is one of the most used and versatile materials. Whether you are at home, at work, or shopping, plastic bags are everywhere. This large scale of usage also creates a lot of garbage to dispose of. If dumped like regular waste, plastic waste can have adverse effects on the environment. That’s why it should be taken seriously. A plastic recycling company Singapore helps you to manage the waste efficiently.

Managing waste can be a tiresome and challenging process, especially heavy and bulk waste. It needs professional discarding. All the stress of managing waste can be handled by reliable, integrated, and versatile plastic recycling and waste disposal services.

Many companies can help you do this. Tidy is one of the many, and you should definitely give them a chance to offer you their best services. It is a commercial, industrial, and even residential waste specialist.

Services offered by the company

Here are some services (small scale and industrial scale) that you can expect from the company:

  • Disposal and recycling

Let’s suppose your building has been under major construction work. It accumulates a lot of debris and junk that you want to get rid of quickly. It is dealt with by the company and the recyclable materials are also segregated for a cleaner and greener Singapore.

  • Transportation service

Transportation of concrete slabs and bulky wastes by yourself is not possible. In that case, you need the services of professionals. The company has a fleet of vehicles for doing the heavy lifting.

  • Self-disposal

If you want to dispose of your waste by yourself, Tidy’s general facility is perfect for you. Get rid of the waste from morning to evening on Mondays to Saturdays. On public holidays and Sundays, the services are open for lesser hours.

Tidy also offers its customers a bin rental service for fast waste disposal. A fleet of modern waste management vehicles and equipment is suitable for tackling your waste problems. Moreover, the vehicles are also accompanied by a tireless staff team to help you without creating a fuss.

Need to hire a skip tank?

There are instances when you need to dispose of building waste or discard old furniture, etc. No matter what the project size is, Tidy delivers rental options that do the job efficiently. You have specialized waste, no need to worry even then.

If you have any waste to dispose of or recycle, Tidy is the plastic recycling company Singapore people need. The people at the company are responsible for keeping your environment clean.