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All you need to know that about lights on bike

All you need to know that about lights on bike

The bike lights are especially important in winter, you can be seen better and cycle more safely.  But it is also a requirement so it is advised to buy bike lights online. You should always buy bike lights online lights and keep with you, even on day trips.

The Road Traffic Licensing Regulations regulate which bicycle lights you must have on your bike.  There have been new regulations.  The following always applies: Your bike must be equipped to operate headlights and tail lights.  You can remove your lamps and no longer have to install them permanently on the bike.  As soon as you drive in the twilight, in the dark or in poor visibility, the lights on the bike must come on.

So remember to take them with you.  Also new is the battery-operated bicycle lighting, which can now be used as a drive in addition to a dynamo or battery.  The Dynamo solution is more sustainable.

A rear light and reflector are mandatory. Lights on the bike are compulsory, as are reflectors on the back, front and on the spokes and pedals.  The right bike light is also important.  You can get the best advice on-site at your trusted bike dealer, where you can also buy your bike lights.

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 You need this lighting in front:

 At least one white headlight.  A second is allowed.  Adjust them so that they do not dazzle other road users.  They are not allowed to blink.  The headlights may also have a daytime running and high beam function for white light.At least one forward-looking white reflector back reflector. It can be integrated into the headlight.

 These lamps are mandatory as bicycle lights on the rear part of the bike:

  • A red taillight.  The tail light may be equipped with a brake light and a parking light.  It shouldn’t blink.
  • A large, red, non-triangular reflector, marked with the letter “Z”.  It can be built into one device with the rear light.
  • Another red reflector is allowed, but no longer mandatory.
  • You need reflectors on the side of your bike:
  • Bicycle pedals may only be equipped with yellow reflectors at the front and rear.
  • On both tires you either need a reflective strip on the tires, rims or spokes or
  • reflective spoke stickson each spoke, or
  • At least two yellow spoke reflectors on each wheel. These must be offset by 180 degrees.
  • A combination is allowed.

 Flashing bicycle lights are not allowed, but flashing light is possible as additional light on the body.  Blinkers are also allowed to indicate the direction of travel.