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Why Do I Need to Hire Child Custody Attorney?

Going through the child custody matter will be really hard doing it on your own, so it is important you get right help from the professional. Talking to the lawyer will make a huge difference. In this post, we will give you a better idea on what the child custody attorney Houston will do for you.

Though hiring the good attorney will be a bit expensive, but its money spent well on the child custody case. Hiring a professional and experienced child custody attorney with the proven track record for handling your case will be a right start.

Why Is It Important to Hire Lawyer For a Child Custody Case?

If you’re facing the contentious child custody, and your ex has already hired a lawyer, you can be at the disadvantage if trying to represent it yourself. Court system is quite complicated and there’s the reason that many people hire lawyers to help them to navigate this legal system. Whereas you don’t need the child custody attorney to go through the custody case, and having an advocate will give you right legal advice that will make a huge difference for you.

Without right knowledge about the law, which includes rules of evidence & law itself, it’s quite challenging to present the case to court effectively. Trying to do so can impact the case negatively and your ability to maintain your child custody.

Lawyers are always a huge expense that the people don’t plan for. However, lawyers will cost less in a long run as they do not make mistakes in this process, and, the overall procedure goes much faster.

A lawyer will handle almost everything, including:

    • Gathering personal references, coaching over reference letters as well as preparing witnesses for the court
    • Filing any complicated document with right people at a right times (child support worksheets, pre-trial orders, temporary custody orders and more)
    • Developing right strategy on your attitude and approach during your custody hearing
  • Offering complete insight on judge that you’re assigned
  • Helping you with the personal testimony & preparing you for the tough questions
  • Collecting evidence & contacting witnesses

How Much Do Child Custody Attorneys Cost?

Attorneys take various approaches on how they bill or how much they will charge. For a simple and uncontested case, the custody issues lawyers will charge flat rate of their services. But, if you are having any trouble negotiating and are considering visiting court, the hourly rate will be standard. Rates can differ depending upon where you stay, thus make sure you ask your lawyer about their fees and other charges.

Working With an Experienced Lawyer

Any attorney you choose to hire probably will want you to sign the fee agreement, which outlines important information like fee structure, expectations and office policies. Suppose you choose to work with the lawyer, make most out of this experience. Once you hire a lawyer, probably you will have the detailed meeting to prepare for. Make sure you complete required paperwork, collect relevant papers, and make the list of questions.