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What factors are important to buy baby pajamas

What factors are important to buy baby pajamas?

We explain what you need to take into consideration for your baby to rest in his pajamas:

Comfort and safety

Comfort will be the main element when choosing any of the baby pajama options. Keep in mind that a newborn can sleep up to 18 hours a day . Being a long time it is important that the garment you choose for your little one is as comfortable as possible Snugglebum.

Avoid buying baby clothes with bows, buttons, flowers and hooks as they can cause choking hazards. If you want to buy pajamas with accessories attached, make sure they can’t come off easily.

The baby’s pajamas must be warm

Just because they’re hot doesn’t mean they have to be heavy or a stress for them to wear. If you cover it up too much, it will most likely sweat a lot at night and wake up all the time. Furthermore, the night is one of the times when your baby is most prone to colds, as we are not present and it will be inevitable that he will unintentionally discover himself if it is too hot.

No to tight models

When we talk about comfort we also mean the freedom of movement that pajamas allow. This does not mean that we have to buy them one size too large, as it could get caught in the fabric and take it off too easily.

What we mean is that the buttons are easy to fasten. When it comes to the change, it will be more comfortable, both for you and for your little one. This will help you change it quickly and keep it cold as little as possible.

Babies grow at a surprisingly fast rate, so make sure you have multiple items of different sizes to fit their body.

Newborn pajama fabric

Softness goes hand in hand with comfort. The fabric of the baby pajamas must be soft, light and breathable. The option most chosen by families is cotton, as it is a material that takes care and does not irritate the baby’s skin.

What types of baby pajamas are there?

The best option will always be those baby pajamas that have an opening to make it easier for your little one to change the diaper. But there are several types. We at Minutus want to explain the characteristics of each one to you so that you can choose the best option for your little one.

Baby bodysuit

The models of bodysuits and pajamas with automatic on the crotch or with opening in the back (at the waist), will help to change the diaper without having to completely undress our little one. It is an option that must be considered very well, since even if in a few minutes our baby can risk getting cold and it is up to the parents to avoid it.