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What Are The Interesting Things To Do When Visiting Japan?

There are many questions when thinking of the best places to visit worldwide. You will have a list of options as to where your destination will be. But, your main concern is where the best place to visit is where you can do many awesome things. Have you thought about visiting Japan?

If so, Japan Traveller Guide suggests a list of awesome things to do, what to discover, and enjoy travel sights.

What to discover in Osaka?

Osaka, the commercial center and the largest port city on Japan island, is known for hearty street food, nightlife, and modern architecture.

Visiting Osaka can’t be complete if you don’t witness the beauty of the oldest Shinto Shrines in Japan, Sumiyoshi-Taisha. You will discover both the ancient and modern architectural attractions in Osaka. Many travelers considered it the best place to party, eat, and drink.

Fun things to do in Osaka

Here are the top three fun things to do in Osaka, Japan:

  • Osaka Castle. The main historical landmark in Osaka is the Osaka Castle, a 16th-century shogunate that has undergone several restorations. Osaka Castle is surrounded by cherry blossom and peach trees, a moat, and a plum, making it more panoramic. It is the city’s best popular attraction because of the beautiful structure, together with the Asoka Castle, which is hundreds of years old. Here is a list of the impressive structures in Osaka:
  • Citadels
  • Turrets
  • Gates
  • Nishinomaru Garden with cherry tree
  • Tea house
  • Impressive views

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  • Shitennōji Temple. It is the oldest temple in Osaka and is originally built by Emperor Suiko. The temple is carefully reconstructed several times to retain the original design and is indeed impressive. The enshrined body of Prince Shotoku and the 5-storied pagoda is found in the Golden Hall. The oldest Shinto Shrine, Sumiyoshi Shrine, is located in Southern Osaka that was founded in the 3rd century. Sumiyoshi Shrine is the most famous shrine among the 2000 Sumiyoshi shrines in Japan.
  • Great collection of historical and ancient buildings. Osaka has wonderful and impressive modern buildings too, namely:
    • Science Museum. It is great for kids with floors of, cinema, planetarium, and interactive activities.
    • Museum of History. It is located across from Osaka Castle chronicles.
  • Osaka Aquarium. It covers many floors and it has the most spectacular displaces of many different forms of aquatic life.

Nightlife and eating out in Osaka

Osaka has a great place to eat out with family or friends. Osaka Maxim and some of the best districts, including:

●       Dotonbori

●       Hozenji-yokocho

●       Soemon-cho

●       Okonomiyaki

Okonomiyaki is best known as the Do-It-Yourself Food, where tables have hot plates and the food arrives ready to cook. Battera is a special serving, a block-type sushi dish with mackerel on rice. You also have the Kushikatsu, skewers of meat and vegetables deep fried and it is best served with a black sauce.

You will surely have a great trip to Japan!