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vhf marine radio

VHF Marine Radios are distributed through the authorized distributor in Asia


When you’re at sea, communication is essential. Frequently employed on ships and boats, a vhf marine radio is a vital piece of radio equipment for two-way communication between ships and ports. VHF marine radios, which provide constant reception, are utilized for various tasks other than maritime navigation and traffic management. These devices are also essential pieces of technology for calling emergency services in the event of an emergency. The purchase of a high-quality VHF marine radio, which serves as the initial line of contact for most ships, is essential for anybody who spends any amount of time on the open seas, whether on commercial or personal boats.

If your yacht is more than 20 feet in length, you strongly recommend that you utilize the finest VHF marine radio available. Because it sends signals and allows you to connect with other boats and rescuers, this piece of marine equipment has the potential to save lives.

Selecting from many available choices may be difficult when purchasing a maritime VHF radio for the first time. Due to the importance of this piece of equipment, check out the finest VHF marine radio available at Allied Eparts Singapore, a one-stop shop for all types of marine equipment.

When people are on land, they use their mobile phones to transmit signals, and when they are on the water, they utilize marine radios. The most obvious advantage of utilizing a marine radio is that it increases safety, but there are many other benefits to using this equipment listed below.

vhf marine radio

VHF Marine Radios are available for purchase at Allied eparts.

VHF radios, also known as Very High-Frequency radios, are available in various configurations, including analogue and digital radio sets and fixed and portable radio sets. Allied eparts is the only authorized distributor in Asia for well-known brands such as Entel Radios and Jotron. They provide a wide range of radios, including several intrinsically safe VHF maritime radios compliant with the International Maritime Organization’s SOLAS and GMDSS regulations.

Throughout our lives, marine radios have played an essential role. This unique gadget is not just for amusement purposes, but it is also an excellent method of communication, mainly when used off the coast. Consider the possibilities: if your boats and ships are outfitted with a reliable radio system, you will be able to communicate as well as get weather warnings in an emergency.

The portable VHF radios are both cost-effective and robust since they are constructed of high-quality materials. Their ergonomic designs allow for one-handed use and are user-friendly in their functioning. Some of the VHF marine radios are utterly submersible up to specified depths, which is an excellent feature for dealing with the challenging circumstances out at sea.


As Asia’s leading marine electronics distributor with more than two decades of experience in the industry, Allied eparts provides maritime navigation and communication products such as VHF radios to companies, ship chandlers, ship managers and owners, and systems integration companies and shipyards at the most competitive prices.