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Studio Photography Singapore: Four Of The Best Photo Studios In Singapore

Graduation, wedding day, and the birth of your first child are all significant life events that should be captured and treasured. Investing in a professional photographer who can capture these memories on film is money well spent! As such, studio photography singapore has risen to new heights as plenty of photographers and photo studios are available for you to choose from. Naturally, this raises an important question. Which are the best photo studios in Singapore?Let’s find out.

Alta Productions

studio photography singapore

Alta is a Singapore-based award-winning video production firm. Michael Chua and CK Chan, pioneers in the Singapore film business, founded the company. Upside Down Concepts, the parent business of Alta and Skyshot, has completed over 2000 projects since 1998. With an emphasis on corporate films, our experience in cinema, theatre, television commercials, and documentaries has helped us build a strong clientele. We are at the forefront of engaging in more complex projects from potential clients thanks to our sibling firm, Skyshot, which specializes in aerial and time-lapse photography.

Studio Memories

Studio memories offer a diverse range of photoshoot options to their customers. Their skilled staff ensures that every family makes memories that will last a lifetime. Alternatively, many photographic packages can be used to capture crucial times in life, such as pregnancy, newborns, and various phases of childhood. Studio Memories ensures that everyone may preserve their favorite memories in whichever way they like under the guidance of our award-winning photographer with our wide range of options.

Byte Size Productions

Felicia Toh launched Byte Size Productions in 2015 as a professional local video production firm. They’ve worked with over 300 businesses, including L’Oréal, Mandom, Unilever Grab, Amcor, RE&S, and Alexandra Hospital, as well as government agencies, charity groups, private clinics, hospitals, and tourism.

COCO Creative Studio

The thought of studio photography singapore brings out a well-known name, COCO Creative Studio, a well-established photographic studio in Singapore that has experienced tremendous growth in the business. Jose Jeuland, the primary photographer and art director, has worked with worldwide companies and individuals and has contributed to international periodicals. They have a significant specialization in portraiture at COCO Creative Studio, resulting in high-end output ranging from a personal portrait to a corporate shoot. They’ve worked with clients from luxury hotels, wineries, and fashion labels to name a few.

Choosing the best photo studio is no easy task. You have to dive into the details of potential studios and compare their works. But all of this hassle pays off in the end as selecting the best photo studio for you can help you capture your life’s memorable moments.