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Services for Commercial Electronic Repair, Testing, and Maintenance In Australia

Technicians who specialise in electronics repair can diagnose and fix broken devices. Additionally, they can test and repair machinery to prevent any equipment breakdowns. Electronics repair professionals can work in a variety of situations and develop a wide range of specialisations, including, and others, computers, heating, air conditioning, telecommunications, and household appliances. Even musical instruments like electric guitars are a specialty for technicians who repair electronics.

In the electronics sector, there are various facets. They cover the purchase, set up, maintenance, and evaluation of electronic equipment. Therefore, industrial electronic repairs are a subset of business that deals with the various components of manufacturing. Every manufacturing company’s maintenance schedule includes industrial electronic repair as a necessary component.

Rom-Control Pty Ltd. has repaired and upgraded industrial electronic and process control equipment for its function, brand, and model. They are ISO 9001 accredited and take great pride in providing clients with a top-notch, all-around experience.

What electrical processes are these solutions offers?

The Rom-Control Pty, Ltd. will take pride in offering their clients a top-notch, comprehensive experience that includes services in the following categories:

  • Industrial Electronic Engineering Solutions

They have highly qualified professionals specialising in repairing and upgrading industrial electrical and process control equipment. Regardless of its age, brand, or model, you may repair and restore your equipment even without blueprints. A two-year warranty offers on every work.

Have aging electronics? Distributor repairs are a sound, economical  alternative

  • Hazardous Area Solutions

They have scoured the globe as experts in hazardous area management to find complete mobile IT solutions that comply with Australian regulations for businesses that use electrical equipment in hazardous areas (EEHA). The company offers components or a fully integrated turnkey solution for your hazard area needs from hardware and software solutions.

  • Industrial Electronic Equipment Disaster Recovery Solutions

It can be difficult and delicate to restore industrial electronic systems after some disaster, especially when working with multi-functional systems from several manufacturers. Regardless of the age or functioning of the equipment, the Rom-Control integrated solutions can offer complete restoration to the original manufacturer’s standards at a fraction of the cost and time of whole equipment replacement.

  • Industrial Software Solution

In today’s world, it has countless pieces of equipment available, which leads to bespoke solutions and complex software requirements for assembling a complete industrial turnkey system. The Rom-Control Group’s Capability Maturity Model Integration Level 5 enables everyone to ensure that the services will successfully integrate to satisfy your specific requirements (CMMI). They can assist with SCADA development and implementation, monitoring, and even a comprehensive augmented reality platform for your business that will enhance your training and quality control.

  • Training

To help you diagnose problems and carry out high-level, straightforward fixes or more complicated diagnoses and repairs, the Rom-Control Groups provide in-house training. They can design a pertinent and laser-focused electrical/electronic training programme specifically for your staff because Rom-Control Groups have experience with all brands and models of industrial electronic control systems, regardless of age or functioning.