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Why deliver flowers? Flower is the best way to deliver your wishes to your loved ones. cheap online florist singapore makes it hassle-free to send flowers anywhere across the nation.

The floral services were started by a troupe of 15 US florists in 1910.The group were formed as a cooperative and were mutually owned by its members only. 1920s, a group of British florists formed the similar ‘Flowers by Wire’ group. This group is also a business cooperative and affiliated.

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Type of services:-

  • Local florist: –A florist is a shopkeeper who arranges and sells house plants. Also known as “hand delivered” and it has advantages of presenting shoppers (customers) with the precise items that are available for the delivery on the same-day or on the time that they were given. There charges is been displayed as the separate fee from the price of each product it’s actually as per the product it means as per the quality of flower also we can say.
  • Order broker:-It’s a third party person or agent we can say who displays the arrangement of bouquet product images and then transfers orders to affiliated local florists for the fulfillment of product and hand delivery . Here customers pay the additional charges to order brokers and as well as for the local delivery. Here the price is given on each product. The advantage of this is the consolidation of purchase for the delivery to multiple locations through the website.
  • Relay florist:-It mainly refers to the relay florist, where through a website person or organization can procure a purchase order between consumers or by itself instead of the order being placed directly with a local florist in the delivery area. It cannot fulfill the order itself unless the delivery is to local to location of the service or website .Here the order payment is done to the local florist form the delivery area, and no commission is taken out.
  • Courier delivery: – Here the bunches are assembled from the farm or from the warehouse of an importer or distributor, they are placed in cardboard and shipped to their respective address via any transport or overnight couriers. Advantage of this service is that flowers are directly imported from the farm; they are not stored in storage so the flowers remain fresh and not look dull. And recipients are responsible for the unpack, condition and arrange.