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Scent Candle

On-Sale Of Galactic Items And Best-Seller Scent Candle

The fragrances of candles can smell good at home. The lighting of a candle may bring you to remember things in the smell. The scented candles give you momentary memories. Every aroma might feel your warmth, comfort, and most important to be at home. The warmth that comes out in the lighting can give the emotion of calmness and cosines together with your coffee in the morning and going to bed.

In celebration of the Star Wars day in May, the 4th gifts and merch will give you the smell that can bring you to a specific place. The Star Wars short story collections may bring you into a galaxy far, far away. The brand collections pack is a brand-new line of Star Wars scented candles for you to buy.

In the  May the 4th gifts and merch you a pre-order and low-priced of the Star Wars Collection offers of a wide range of selections for every character you like, such as the following:

  • The Star Wars mystery packs

In celebrating the Star Wars the inspiration with this edition on the Star Wars Mystery Pack promoting the limited edition collections. This mystery pack has a very valuable inside to excite your lucky giftee.

  • The Star Wars scented candle collections

This is the best sold item of Star Wars scented candles and inspires you in different candle fragrances. The aroma of the candle transports you to a balanced destination of gentleness in all the fragrances in your bedroom. It includes the enamel pin that features an inspiring glow-in-the-dark pin. Each of the candles is handmade with a mix of cosmic gemstones and pampers the admirable smell aroma.

  • T-shirts embroidery Star Wars

The Star Wars T-shirts Embroidery is made of 100% cotton. The cloth is soft and comfy with a modern cut. The T-shirt has all the sizes for you to select. The Star Wars T-shirt design for featuring each of the characters on  your old-time favorites. Wearing the T-shirt will get you ready for your next mission on the exciting galactic saga.

Scent Candle

  • Star Wars Poster

The Star Wars collection will transport you to the galactic saga world with the enchanting visuals of a Star Wars poster. The poster glows in the dark elements to light up your room.

  • Star Wars car air freshener

This air freshener is a good fragrance to keep your car in the galactic aroma with the tiny hanger and prevent the bad smells. The air freshener will last six weeks and you can choose your ideal smell in the galactic fragrances.

  • Star Wars enamel pin

The Star Wars enamel pin is good to put in your scented candle. When turning off the candlelight the enamel pin will glow in the dark. This inspires you to wear the Star Wars enamel pin together with your Star Wars T-shirt embroidery to transport you in the galaxy and capture your favorite characters.

  • Star Wars necklaces

The Star Wars necklace is made of 14k gold/rhodium plating. The necklace is gorgeous and inspired by the Star Wars character design.

  • Star Wars earrings

The Star Wars earrings are made of 14k gold plated/ rhodium plated. All the Star Wars earrings were nickel-free and hypoallergenic and made of 925 sterling silver. The earring is a perfect suit to your Star Wars necklace and T-shirt embroidery.