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Offers that a lawyer give to their consumers

Offers that a lawyer give to their consumers

Advice and information to consumers they know a lot. Each year, all the lawyers assists nearly 50,000 consumers through information, advice, training and out-of-court representation towards suppliers. They also aim to improve the economic situation and consumer protection, also through collaboration with businesses and the various economic sectors, as well as through the work of representing consumers and users face to face the legislator, the economy and the public administration.

For our work we receive funding from the Autonomous Province and other public administrations. Other financing quotas for our service are disbursed to us in relation to specific projects. Given the increasingly hard times of crisis and based on the belief that “what costs nothing is worth nothing”, we ask for a cost sharing to those who use our services, through the payment of a “membership fee”. The first information is free for all consumers who come to us.


Free services

Information and initial advice in the field of consumer protection. In many economic sectors, the supply of goods and services becomes less and less transparent for consumers with each passing day. And often, as a result of the “jungle” that has arisen, the way forward is made even more difficult by misleading advertising and unfair commercial practices. Through our additional services (frequently asked questions / FAQs, online calculators, market reviews, price comparisons, tests, the “bonus-malus” claims calculator, the telephone rate calculator, the collection of standard letters, the newsletter subscription, the map of sustainable consumption), which we make available on our website, as well as through our information sheets and the events we organize (conferences, conventions, interventions in schools ; Information 24 hours a day, Consumer hotline, Access to information materials, the consumer mobile counter and specialized magazines. All consumers have the right to information and general services of the (via web, e-mail, letter, information sheets, first information at the counters, by telephone, at conferences.

Burke Lawyers Specialist advice is offered in the following sectors (also by e-mail, letter, etc.). General legal advice for consumers : contract law, service contracts, distance sales, door-to-door sales, sales and work contracts, withdrawal and termination of contracts, checking invoices, evaluation of misleading advertising, warnings, attempts out-of-court settlement of disputes, representation towards suppliers, pilot cases and class actions.

Financial services: investment consultancy, home financing, banking services

Insurance and social security: analysis of personal insurance needs, insurance check-up, control of insurance conditions, search for convenient policies, policy comparisons.

Telecommunications: fixed telephony, mobile telephony, internet. Living, building, energy – legal and technical advice: purchase or construction advice, energy advice. Condominium issues, Diet, Trips ,Critical and sustainable consumption. In consulting they cannot offer a guarantee of success.