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Neon Lights Uses and Advantages

Neon signs were originally used as a marketing strategy by bars and restaurants. The bright and colorful lights emitted by these signs were able to attract customers even in the dark. It made the shops visible from a far distance in the day as well as in the night. It was one of the most beautiful, bright, and shining marketing strategies.

Soon these signs were used as decorations even inside shops, bars, and restaurants. Earlier they were out outside, at an elevated level above the shop so that it was visible from afar. Now, people have started putting it inside the establishments to make the place more aesthetic. The sketch and etch neons not only added to the beauty but also emitted a beautiful hue which changed the complete ambiance of the room.

Being inspired and amazed by the beauty of these signs, people started putting them up inside their homes as well. These signs can be put in rooms, to add a more edgy and romantic vibe or in lounge areas to give it a more cozy and party vibe.

Benefits of neon tubes

  • The sketch and etch neons are highly durable. They last for approximately 10 to 15 years before starting to cause any troubles, hence they are a good design investment option.
  • These neon lights can be easily customized to any shape or design of your liking. It could be in some sort of shape or outline or it could be saying something, the possibilities are endless. Also, there is the availability of almost every color hence you can make it to suit the vibe and aesthetic of your home or establishment.
  • Neon is a noble gas. Hence, it is not affected by the atmospheric temperature. The weather could be freezing, with snow falling outside or it could be an extremely hot summer afternoon, the lights will work the same without any change in the intensity of the color.
  • Neon also doesn’t heat up too much. Approximately 40 degrees is the maximum amount of temperature in Celsius that it may reach up to. Because of this low-temperature neon can be combined with different elements such as glass, plastic, etc.
  • Neon signs are safe as there is a negligible chance of short circuits or burnouts.

Uses of neon lights

  • The most common use of neon lights is in bars and clubs. The lights are placed on the outside to attract and inform potential customers from afar. They are also used in the interiors to highlight the bar area or even the dancing area, to draw attention there.
  • Inside homes, these signs can be used as a way to create a romantic ambiance. Because of their low heating temperatures and resistance to short circuits they can also be used in kids’ bedrooms as night lights.
  • These types of lights are often used in photoshoots and other such production activities. These lights provide a unique glow and hue to pictures which are favored by a lot of artists and models.

Neon lights are highly versatile, safe to use, and even budget-friendly. If you are thinking about buying it then customizing one to suit your home or needs is the best way to get something that you will love and continue using in the future years.