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Managing Food Waste Effectively with the Help of Eco Guardians

Managing Food Waste Effectively with the Help of Eco Guardians

One of the biggest problems we have in the commercial industry is food waste, which is true in the food business sector. So if you want to manage your food waste and become eco-friendly, you can make use of different machines from Eco Guardian. They are leaders in sustainable environmental solutions and commercial composting Australia, which gives you a solution to manage and recycle waste streams into valuable resources. Currently, they offer six different machines that are used for food waste. Let’s learn about four of the main ones, so you can choose which one suits your business the most.

SoilFood System

The first product Eco Guardians have is the SoilFood System, which is a food recycling machine installed on site. It significantly reduces the volume of food waste and converts the remaining food waste into a nutrient-rich fertiliser. This recycling machine will segregate the food and waste from precincts and businesses. After that, the collection of wastes is dehydrated, which then becomes SoilFood. Afterwards, it’s ready to be used.The Rocket Composter

The Rocket Composter is an incredible composter system that is fed with food wastes and organic materials. After that, the machine will aerate the waste and the residency time is only 14 days. Furthermore, it’s easy to operate and easy to clean, and it will become a part of your everyday process. You can maximise its capabilities, allowing you to create organic compost for your business.

Grease Guardian

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The ultimate grease trap alternative is called the Grease Guardian. It’s the world’s leading automated grease and oil interceptor recovery system for commercial kitchens. When working in a kitchen, you know how impossible trapping grease can be. As a result, it can destroy your plumbing. It also has a strainer, which can trap solid debris. Once the grease is trapped by the external container of the machine, it will now be ready for pick-up by a renderer or a recycler.

KITRO Food Analysis

Another system that Eco Guardians offer is the Kitro Food Waste System. It’s a system that allows for a more effective food waste reduction. At the same time, you get to streamline your food procurement expenditure with the KITRO waste avoidance technology. Its job is to help you reduce food waste, which can help you run a more productive, lucrative, and sustainable commercial kitchen. Furthermore, it’s built for business and powered by AI, which is the best solution for all your food waste problems. Overall, the end goal is to save money.

All four systems are designed by Eco Guardians with a focus more on sustainability. If you want to run a more environmentally friendly commercial kitchen, now’s the chance for you to choose one from the four main systems that Eco Guardians offer to all food businesses.