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Magical Spell Of Hdb scandinavian interior design Fits Bungalow Into Box

Have you ever imagined how a gigantic Genie fits into a little lamp? Smart hdb scandinavian interior design might be the answer to this question. Though organizing everything in a small space and making it look beautiful can be quite challenging. But with a creative thinking & problem-solving attitude we can efficiently utilize every hidden space to meet our purpose.

 Get Smart With Furniture

Choose multifunctional furniture that is big, but not bigger than your space. If people go for small furniture, they will end up needing more & this only makes a space look more cluttered. So go for convertible pieces that can neatly hide your stuffs. This can be a sofa bed with an inbuilt storage compartment, an extendable table to enjoy tea with friends, etc.

 Make Way For Light

Dark symbolizes gloom & no one wants to settle in a gloomy space. Apart from aesthetic benefits, natural light makes a place worth living by killing germs, providing vitamin D & most importantly keeps us mentally healthy.

In a small apartment as there is little space for anything so people need to carefully search & apply Interior Designing techniques to let natural light come in. For this people can do the following –

hdb interior design singaporeUse mirrors to reflect natural light in your house.

  • Keep windows uncovered or use a curtain that allows light to pass through.
  • Use a door that has a glass window.

 Bright Is Right

Colors speak your style. But in a small apartment, you need to pick colors a little carefully as it can make your house worth living or worth leaving. According to Interior Designing rules, light colors make a room brighter and also create an illusion of space by making everything look further. You can also give a dynamic touch to your home by adding a little rich dark color in contrast with the light base.

 Think Vertically – Hang Whatever You Can

Make use of every free vertical space. Use wall, ceiling, an uneven corner for storage & beautification of your house. Floating bookshelves not only look impressive but also save space. Space beside a beam won’t remain useless with a storage compartment. Hang some decorative pieces from the ceiling to create an illusion of space.

 Own Your Space

In the end, you are going to live in this space so design everything in a way that suits your lifestyle. You should feel comfortable to walk, work, and rest and even to stretch your arms.