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Hypno Breathwork by Francesca Sipma What do they do

Hypno Breathwork by Francesca Sipma: What do they do?

The world has slowly and gradually started to see a mental health or self-awareness for the huge impact it leaves on our entire life. We are all trying to learn and unlearn some habits or behaviors every day, but it’s not always easy to know what’s best for you. HypnoBreathwork is a technique that uses Hypnotherapy, Breathwork, and visioning to help you connect with your subconscious. Francesca Sipma is an expert practitioner and has all the resources you need to experience or practice Hypno Breathwork.

She has worked with the leading brands in the world and thrived professionally. Later in her life, she experienced an intense emotional and spiritual awakening and set out on a self-exploring journey. This was when she realized the power that Breathwork and Hypnotherapy hold. She was drowned towards it as she connected with her inner self. This spiritual awakening and interest in psychology motivated her to become a certified breathwork coach.

Do you seek Therapy?

If you seek therapy, then the website has various options for you to choose from depending on your need and the challenges you are facing in life. There are various products designed with a motive to resolve certain issues with an appropriate time frame required for it.  You will find some honest feedback from people that have experienced positive feedback over the course of time. She provides sessions all curated to explore your consciousness and discover and manifest your goals in life.

Francesca Sipma

Available Courses/ Sessions are –

  1. Flow state is a 30 minutes intense session for gaining mental clarity.
  2. Power is for entrepreneurs, coaches, or anyone who is looking forward to boosting their power and self-confidence.
  3. Wealth focusing on shifting from money block to a wealth mindset.
  4. Manifestation is the ultimate 30 minutes session to understand your life’s goals and beliefs and work towards them.
  5. Awakening is a 7-day workshop that will help you connect with your inner self better and gain more clarity.
  6. Unblock your Purpose will help you heal all the wounds from the past and increase self-worth.

These sessions are designed with a motive to create self-awareness, gather more clarity, trusting yourself and your intuitions, and practice compassion and forgiveness. Once you have experienced it, you can consciously work toward a more emotionally rich and healthy lifestyle.

Do you want to become a Facilitator?

To all those who are eager to learn, Francesca has courses and workshops that will help you become a Hypno Breathwork facilitator. She provides an in-depth 4-day Certification training that covers everything from the History of Breathwork Techniques to a Live Coaching Demo. She provides virtual classes, group workshops, corporate vents, and also online courses.

There are numerous positive feedbacks and testimonials that are so heartwarming. Individuals who have taken the sessions and masterclass have grown emotionally and had a very fresh take on life.