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Decorative contact lenses

Decorative contact lenses

If one is willing to try a different and scary look then your dream is going to be fulfilled with the special type of lens which is going to give the complete horrifying look, white contacts are one such lens that gives the real scary look. Believe it or not, is one of the most commonly used lenses which can be ordered even online with help of prescriptions.

There are many wide ranges of a white lens which is super soft and thinnest and even has a high content of water. It is usually meant for single use. They are made of completely lightweight materials.

The customer is going to get the lens at their doorstep without the need to visit the shop.

Proper precautions are to be followed while using these lenses.

Step 1: always make a point that contact lines are not damaged when it is received. It was also better to trim your fingernails. Keep it neat and clean, use dry hands before placing them in your eye.

Step 2: make a point that the lenses are handled carefully while picking them. never use the nails, as the nails can tear and damage these lenses. Pick it up by the tip of the finger so it will not damage.

Decorative contact lenses

Step 3: some people might be confused to differentiate between the inside and outside parts of the lenses. When these lenses are kept in solution, they will appear to be flat. Look at the lens case and check the edge is not curved at the outer part.  It is outward it means toward the inside part.

Step 4: wash the hands thoroughly and gently pick them up from the upper lid. Gently pull toward down to your lower lid with the help of a finger and keep the lens on an eye.

Step 5: try to close the eyes and blink two to three times to confirm that the lenses are not creating any discomfort.

Step 6: to remove the lens gently pull down the lower lid. Look to the left side and slide and remove the lens down. just do-little pinch to the lens so it can be removed without any damage.


In case if there is no prescription the detail should be provided to the concerned person mentioned. When the name and the contact number are given, they call the customer back or visit them in person. The customer can also send a mail with the required information and get the required lens.