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Create the finest floor you’ve ever seen

Creating an aesthetically pleasing floor is similar to beautifying your home.

With the correct firm, it is possible to acquire aesthetically pleasing flooring. With Bayset, everything is possible.

Listed below are some of Bayset’s products:


Recycled Vibramat Standard Rubber 1.1m X 1.1m

Vibramat is manufactured from used tires and scrap rubber. Prior to being combined with a water-resistant PU polymer, they are granulated and sieved to the appropriate granule size. The material is then placed in a mold to be compressed and fixed at the proper density, following which it is sliced to the proper thickness and cut to size.


Solvent-Free Contact Adhesive by Uzin 6kg

Strong contact adhesive with a brief open time and instant load-bearing. On absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces, for profiles, rods, skirting, and all standard types of floor covering. UZIN WK 222 allows installation without solvents. Handling, technological possibilities, and applications relate to a neoprene adhesive that is solvent-based. Only for internal use.

interaction based on water

Solvent-free, odourless neoprene

Safe in sensitive surroundings

14 kg of Uzin UZ 57 Carpet & Textile Adhesive

A dispersion adhesive with extremely low emissions, strong thread creation, and high final strength. Additionally, the adhesive is suitable for difficult-to-install textile floor coverings. Interior use only.

Universally applicable to nearly all textile floor coverings

High grip and efficiency

Good leg development

Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive Uzin U 500 12kg

Special dispersion for putting PVC backing prior to the installation of loose-laid carpet tiles (SL tiles), fibre-backed carpet tiles, and vinyl composition tile (VCT) (reinforced vinyl composition tiles). Interior use only.

Pressure Sensitive

Rapidly absorbent Carpet tile and VCT

Uzin MK 95 Single Pack PUR Timber Floor Adhesive 14 kilograms of PUR flooring adhesive with a firm, elastic adhesive ridge and foaming characteristics. For the installation of large-format wood flooring and wood block flooring in particular. Interior use only.

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Uzin Fibers For Reinforcement In Uzin Leveling Compounds 0.25 kilograms of alkaline-resistant glass fiber for enhancing the structural integrity of self-leveling, self-smoothing materials.

Concrete/Epoxy/Injection Resin

Sika Grout 212HP 20kg

SikaGrout-212 HP is a high-quality, ready-mixed Portland cement that expands in two phases to overcome the typical shrinkage of Portland cement grouts.

Kit including 9 liters of Hychem WE70 Waterbased Clear Epoxy Sealer

It is suggested for use as a protective coating on concrete surfaces exposed to pedestrian and light vehicle activity. It is also advised for use as an intermediate coat on green concrete in order to expedite the installation of the needed topping system without waiting the standard 28 days.

FlexiblePolyurethaneInjectResin PartA&B+1403Catalyst39.74lKi SealBoss1403lV

SealBoss® 1403 SLV Resin is a two-component, hydrophobic MDI polyurethane-based resin with a low viscosity. The product consists entirely of solids and contains no solvents. By including a 1400 Catalyst, the gel time of the product can be reduced.

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