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dog euthanasia at home

At Home Pet Euthanasia: Ways You Can Make the Process Easier

After several years of happiness, companionship and love, eventually every family will need to face heartache of final goodbye. So, by preparing for the day before time and checking out various options available, you will turn these final moments in the most beautiful memory, which can last with you ever.

Most of the pet owners generally hope their pet ‘die naturally’ in home or peacefully ‘pass away in their sleep’. But, caregivers end up rushing their pet to nearest emergency vet clinic for their final appointment. Such scenario causes some unnecessary pain, stress, and suffering, which can actually be avoided by getting dog euthanasia at home.

Let us know more about misconceptions of the ‘natural death’. Euthanasia of pet in-home provides you with the compassionate and loving way of saying final goodbye to your beloved pet where they are highly comfortable & at peace.

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During this tough time, you will have to consider these options for pet:

  • Let your dog pass away naturally at a right time. Stay in communication with the veterinarian for more guidance and avoid prolonging their serious pain and suffering.
  • Try and extend the pet’s life length if possible –such strategy results in the emergency veterinary visits (in middle of a night) for euthanize.
  • Maximize pet’s life quality and strategically select time of euthanasia when your pet has dignity (example, certain dogs know they must not potty inside, however they are quite weak to hold).

How’s Pet Euthanasia Done at Home?

Pet euthanasia at home services are made to make this process very peaceful for you & your pet. Unlike veterinary setting, you choose what environment will be good for your dogs passing—in their bed, at your lap, under the backyard tree, and surrounded by their favorite toys—so your furry friend won’t leave your side at this procedure. You may play some soothing music, control lighting, and feed him the last-hurrah treat, in case your dog is comfortable with it.

Typically, when hospice veterinarian comes you will discuss pet’s condition and vet will give your pet the brief physical exam. After that your vet will explain euthanasia process. Two injections will be given for the process. The first one will sedate your pet so that his body relaxes & he drifts to final sleep over course of 3 to 5 minutes. And second injection is euthanasia solution, which is the overdose of barbiturates that shuts off his respiratory part of brain and heart stops beating.