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Activities In the Kids Holiday Camp Singapore

Activities In the Kids Holiday Camp Singapore

Kids holiday camp singapore offers incredible indoor and outdoor playground to kids during their vacations. These camps have a wide range of activities for the kids to explore and they keep on organizing different fun camps for children. These camps are open on the weekends as well and kids can make use of the playgrounds anytime according to their wish.

Some popular kid’s holiday camps in Singapore:

These camps are open for kids with age 1-12. Parents have many options to choose from like sports, music, tech, cooking, etc. Here is the list of some holiday camps to choose from:

  • Camp Asia: This camp is loved by the kids in Singapore and is trusted by their parents. Supper soccer, parkour, and aviation training are given in this camp.
  • Kids Camp Singapore: This camp has a very fun environment that is considered to be safe for the kids.
  • Bounce: This camp is named bounce because it has trampolines where kids are usually found jumping.
  • Cosmo United Football Academy: Still camp particularly focuses on giving football training to kids from an early age so that they can master this sport.
  • Discovery camps: This camp is best for a kid to learn new skills and boost his educational qualifications.

Activities offered:

kids holiday camp singapore

  • Art and craft classes are conducted to improve the drawing skills
  • Kids enjoy playing with toys so ball games are also open to play
  • Different dance forms are taught in these camps
  • Kids are given gymnastics training
  • Camps organize strategy games which are necessary to sharpen the mind of a kid.
  • Training of many outdoor games is provided to the kids that help them to learn different sports
  • Kids are allowed to play team games which will help them make new friends.
  • Tag games are also played, which can increase the running speed of the kid.
  • Boxing and Self-defense training are given which are very important in today’s generation

Advantages of holiday camps:

  • When a child is exposed to an interactive environment, he gains more confidence.
  • The camp makes the child more disciplined and he will learn to follow some rules and regulations.
  • The kid will be able to communicate with many other kids which will help him to make new friends.
  • Activities that take place in these camps help to improve the communication skills of kids

These camps are a great way of keeping a child busy and at the same time, kids get the opportunity to learn new things with the help of fun classes and get a new practical learning experience.