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A Guide On The Benefits Of Student Housing

A Guide On The Benefits Of Student Housing

The overall student experience is fantastic, and one of the most important decisions you’ll make throughout your time there is where you’ll reside. Should you apply for off-campus student housing or should you stay on campus? There are numerous advantages to living off-campus. Here are five compelling reasons to explore this option:

Off-Campus Housing is Typically Less Expensive

On the surface, on-campus student housing appears to be the most cost-effective option. When you look at the data, however, you’ll notice how rapidly the small charges may mount up. When you live on campus, for example, you’ll almost always be obliged to pay a meal plan. While the house itself may not be prohibitively expensive, when you factor in the essential food costs, the total can rapidly become extravagant.

When you come in or out, no one is looking.

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You’ve reached adulthood, and now is the time to make your mark on the world. If you live in a dorm, you will be constantly observed, and someone will always be aware of when you entered and exited. Even worse, if your building has a curfew, you may be shut out.

Apartments for students are simply: apartments. You are free to come and leave as you choose. We provide exceptional security, including a 24-hour surveillance system, but we are not here to keep track of your activities.


A dorm isn’t the ideal option if sharing a bathroom with a hundred other strangers (or even one other person) isn’t your thing. On-university of south australia accommodation service offers the bare minimum of privacy. You’ll have to reveal some of your most personal moments with others. Even if you’re fortunate enough to only have to share your bathroom with a few people, you’ll still have to fight over time, space, and cleaning responsibilities. It only becomes worse if you have to use a shared bathroom.

If the kitchen is packed with individuals doing the same thing, you might not be able to cook for yourself; in on-campus student housing settings, even the microwave can become a hostage.

You’ll Have the Feeling of an Adult

Invite some pals over for a game night or put your cooking skills to the test because you’ll have more space in your off-campus student apartment than you would in a dorm. There’s a big universe out there, and it all begins when you figure out who you are!