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5 Reasons to buy a condo in Singapore

5 Reasons to buy a condo in Singapore

There are many ways in which a non- Thai citizen can invest in properties in Singapore.  As stated by the law in Singapore, only a condominium can be owned freehold by a person who is not the country’s citizen. But his freehold cannot be owned by the non – Thai citizen concerning the land or a house. There are many new condo for sale Singapore that you can consider.

Why should one consider investing in the condos in Singapore?

The following are the reasons for which you must invest in Singapore condos-

  • Serves to be a perfect home for vacations with your friends or family: Owning a condo in Singapore can be your future investment as well as a place to stay when you plan for a holiday in Singapore. You won’t have to worry about spending money on hotel rooms when you own property, with all the luxury and required facilities.
  • Well-equipped space: The Singapore condo for sale are usually the ones that are fully equipped with amenities like a gym, library, swimming pool all under a roof, and all the other essentials will be available at walking distance.

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  • Security: you can be at ease and relax that your property will be safe and secure. The developments of the modern condominiums have key card access, great security staff, and cameras.
  • Growth in the market: The local and overseas investors are showing a great interest in the condo in Singapore, which is rapidly making growth in its market. Since a few years back, condos have been the most preferred type of property investment that the locals and the foreigners are deeply looking into.
  • The investment return: In the rental market, some developers have assured 5 – 8% of the rental returns for the first 3 years. If you consider this into the capital growth, you will see how healthy it proves to be for your investment.

Singapore is also a place for people who want to have a fit and healthy lifestyle. It means that most people around here are devoted to their time out and practice the mindfulness of yoga. Singapore is also an excellent place to go hiking. It means that if you get a condo in Singapore, you can always choose to go for a hiking adventure. And the best thing to live around in Singapore is the clothing and the technological advancement of this place.