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plastic packaging in Australia

10 Types of Clear Plastic Packaging in Australia

In Australia, clear plastic packaging is a standard and adaptable option for packaging, with various varieties and functions. In the consumer products business, clear plastic packaging is frequently used for everything from electronics and cosmetics to food and beverage packaging. The following list of ten popular clear plastic packaging in Australia includes:

  • Printed folding box made of clear plastic PET Containers: PET bottles are frequently used for packaging liquids like juice, water, and soft drinks. PET is a lightweight, strong, impact- and shatter-resistant plastic.
  • Bottles made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE): Detergents and bleach are frequently packaged in HDPE bottles and other household cleaning supplies. Stiff, rigid plastic with impact and chemical resistance is HDPE.
  • Containers made of polypropylene (PP): PP containers are frequently used to package foods like spreads and yogurt. PP is a versatile plastic used for both hot and cold applications. It is lightweight and impact-resistant.
  • Polystyrene (PS) Trays: PS trays are frequently used for packaging bread, confectionery goods, and meat and poultry products. PS is an impact- and moisture-resistant, lightweight, stiff plastic.
  • PVC clamshell containers:Are frequently used for packaging fresh food, such as berries and grapes—transparent plastic folding boxes. PVC is an impact-resistant, lightweight plastic that may be used in hot and cold applications.
  • PET Blister Packaging: Electronics and hardware items like batteries and screws are frequently packaged in PET blister packaging. PET is a resilient, lightweight plastic that can be molded into various shapes and sizes and is impact-resistant.
  • PVC Shrink Wrap: Food goods like cheese and meat are frequently packaged with shrink wrap. PVC is a heat-resistant, flexible plastic that can close off objects quickly and securely.
  • PET Film: Snack foods like chips and popcorn are frequently packaged with PET film. PET film is a thin, pliable material that can withstand impact and moisture.
  • PVC tubes and transparent plastic cylinders: Are frequently used to package cosmetic and personal care items like toothpaste and moisturizer. PVC is a lightweight, flexible plastic that is moldable into a variety of forms and sizes.
  • Plastic pet tube in the clear: PET jars are frequently used to package food items like honey and peanut butter. PET is a flexible plastic that is lightweight, impact-resistant, and can be molded into various forms and sizes.


People frequently utilize plastic packaging in Australia, but it’s crucial to consider the environment while making this choice. Several forms of clear plastic packaging are difficult to recycle and can add to the environmental problem of plastic pollution. Businesses and consumers both can take measures to lessen their reliance on single-use plastics and switch to more environmentally friendly packaging materials, such as biodegradable or compostable ones. Ultimately, a change toward more environmentally friendly packaging methods is required to safeguard the planet and build a more sustainable future for Australia.