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Your One-Stop-Shop Of Wholesale Food Products Online

The pandemic has been threatening the lives of many people since 2020. Many are afraid of going out, especially the senior citizens and children. Many restaurants, cafes, and caterers have stopped their business operations. For that reason, many delivery businesses and platforms are coming out in the market, including the online wholesale food suppliers.

Who are they?

It is an order management platform; where customers can order online and deliver to them. Orders are at wholesale prices and free delivery. Anyone can order online for residential and commercial purposes. For those ordering from residentials, there is an option to choose. The order management platform is designed for customers (commercial and residential purposes).

How does the order management platform work?

The customer must create an account on the online platform first. They must become a member to access the order management platform and look from the 100+ local wholesalers available. Customers can view each wholesaler’s prices of products and can do a comparison.

The order management platform is so convenient to use. You only have a mobile, tablet, laptop, or desktop and internet connection. After that, you can have your order delivered to your door. A customer can order in seconds, just click the product you want and place an order.

After placing an order, you can wait for the free delivery.

wholesale food suppliers


One of the great benefits of using the order management platform is the pricing comparison. By accessing 100+ local wholesalers, a particular product price can be compared to several suppliers, which is a big advantage when using the platform. There is no boring paperwork and no subscription fee needed.

The order management platform cuts the time eating experience of finding and ordering at a new supplier. Still, you can access your old wholesale supplier online. Get in touch with them every time you make an order. Signing up is easy and free. After signing up, start browsing suppliers and products in just seconds.

One platform – all orders

Can you see how advanced the order management platform is? You can make all orders on one platform. Customers can make:

  • Search products
  • Access local suppliers
  • Price comparison
  • One payment (order from multiple suppliers)
  • Track and manage order/s

 A customer can save time, energy, and money from this convenient order management platform.

How to pay?

Here is the most controversial part, the payment method. Customers are afraid of online payment. They don’t want to get scammed, like putting in their credit card details online and results getting phished. There is no space for scammers and phishers in this order management platform.

The order management platform is encrypted, which is safe for your credentials. Pay using your credit cards online; for easy and convenient payment.

Registration is free. Enjoy free deliveries!