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Reasons Why Buyers Advocates are Worthy

To an experienced investor, you already know the benefits of having a buying agent do all the hard work of buying a property.

Excellent points to consider when choosing.

  • Eliminate the emotional side of the customer so that the salesperson cannot use it against the customer to force them to pay more.
  • To avoid mistaken purchase decisions made by unrepresented buyers, such as buying real estate with easements or encroachments that could negatively affect the property.
  • Your purchasing agent investigates all of this, as they have access to research and data that is not publicly available. It helps take the guesswork out of buying a property and puts buyers represented by a buying agent one step ahead of other buyers as they are well informed and not “buying blind.”
  • Do all the legwork. Find, test, and research properties that might fit the bill, and weed out those you’d be wasting your time on. It brings the buyer back to their evenings and family time on the weekends, as family time is so precious these days.
  • Buyers without a buying agent on their side often miss out on good properties because they have to wait for an open house on weekends or after work is done to inspect it, only to find that the property is already under contract.

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  • Since your buying agent researches properties every day and has done so for many years, you have developed a good relationship with local listing agents. Purchasing agents know about new deals even before they are made public or announced in newspapers or the internet. Their buying agents’ goal is to provide buyers with the first choice of properties in high demand.
  • In a slow market, your buying agent may need to explain to the listing agent and sellers what the “market price” of the property is. Sellers tend to be misled under market conditions and still want the best price for their property.
  • It allows the buyer to be sure that they will never pay more than the property’s market value.
  • Buy real estate at the lowest price possible.
  • Ensure the contract terms are beneficial to the buyer, not the seller.
  • Ensure that the buyer pays the minimum deposit only after the sellers have agreed to a contract and not before.
  • Provide you with assistance and advice after the conclusion of a real estate contract, communicate with your credit institution and lawyer, and visit building and health inspections; this way, you don’t need to take time out of your daily life to pay attention to details.
  • Your purchasing agent should be present at the preliminary inspection. They have a written report and photographs for you of when the property was first leased and will know if anything has been missing or damaged.